Individual Amenities of the Apartment 2018-02-08T16:22:06+06:00


  1. Solid Decorative Main Entrance Door (Imported Doors) with impressive door lock, door chain, check viewer, Calling Bell, Switch, Brass Plate Apartment No, Etc.
  2. Veneered Flush Door Shutters (Mehegoni doorframe) with French polished in internal rooms and verandah location.
  3. Toilet doors of durable PVC with matching color.


  1. Aluminum (BTA/Fu-Wang/Equivalent) Sliding windows, Mohair lining and rainwater barrier in aluminum section as per Architectural design of the building.

Walls and Partitions: 

  1. Internal & External wall 5² thick 1st Class bricks.
  2. Wall surface of smooth finished plaster.

Room Finishes:

  1. 24² ´ 24² RAK/Fu-Wang/CBC/ equivalent tiles in all rooms and Verandas.
  2. Plastic paint in all internal walls and distemper in ceilings of soft colors (Berger /Asian/equivalent)

Outside Paint:

  1. Exterior walls of Durocem/weather proof paint.

Toilet Features:

  1. RAK/BISF/equivalent Commode with lowdown and Basin in Master bathrooms.
  2. RAK/BISF/equivalent long pan with lowdown and basin in all common bathrooms.
  3. Wall Tiles up to seven feet in all bathroom (RAK/Fu-Wang/equivalent) except servant’s bath.
  4. Floor tiles in all bathrooms (RAK/Fu-Wang/equivalent) except servant’s bath.
  5. Basin mirrors of good quality with overhead lamp provision.
  6. Good quality CP fittings, towels rail, soap, etc in all bath rooms with manufacturer warrenty.
  7. Maid’s toilet with long pan and lowdown.
  8. Storage space over toilets.
  9. Provision for concealed hot & cold water lines in all master bathrooms.





  1. Double burner gas outlet over tiles topped concrete plat from.
  2. Wall tiles up to 2.5 feet height (RAK/Fu-Wang/equivalent) in front of concrete platform